With the Sapphire Coast Presentation night done and dusted for another season take a look back at votes from every round and grade in 2017!! The 2017 season saw a number of close counts and deserved winners.

The top 10 from each grade were as follows:

Jordan Lang (21 Votes)- Narooma FC
Scott Proctor (17 Votes)- Bermagui FC
Simon Mackie (16 Votes)- Narooma FC
Aaron Proctor (14 Votes)- Pambula FC
Luke Moresi (14 Votes)- Bermagui FC
Jason Sauiluma (12 Votes)- Narooma FC
Will Regan (12 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Louis Coulton (11 Votes)- Tathra FC
Tom Clarke (9 Votes)- Narooma FC
Tyson Nunn (9 Votes)- Pambula FC

Madi Whatman (25 Votes)- Pambula FC
Carra Sheldon (15 Votes)- Eden FC
Grace Gowing (14 Votes)- Bermagui FC
Katlyn Scott (13 Votes)- Bermagui FC
Cymmon Parker (13 Votes)- Tathra FC
Melissa Mitchell (13 Votes)- Eden FC
Kamilla Grubesic (12 Votes)- Eden FC
Ebony Millott (12 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Tarni Evans (12 Votes)- Tathra FC
Madelyne Czubara (11 Votes)- Narooma FC
Zalie Betts (11 Votes)- Narooma FC

Tom Keath (12 Votes)- Pambula FC
Chris Clapton (11 Votes)- Pambula FC
Julian Nimmo (10 Votes)- BMG FC
Lewis Hopkins (8 Votes)- Pambula FC
Luke Gardiner (8 Votes)- Narooma FC
Zachary Brown (7 Votes)- Narooma FC
Peter Cross (5 Votes)- Tathra FC
Kyle Jackson (5 Votes)- Tathra FC
Wayne Flinn (5 Votes)- Tathra FC

Under 16’s
Jedd Martyn (25 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Will Aiken (18 Votes)- BMG FC
Finley Cooke (17 Votes)- Pambula FC
Tyson Mikolic (14 Votes)- Narooma FC
Lachlan Brennan (13 Votes)- BMG FC
Angus Tarpey (12 Votes)- Pambula FC
Billy Stubbs (11 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Flynn Cook (9 Votes)- Pambula FC
Caleb Higgins (7 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Lawrence Davis (7 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Buster Ware (7 Votes)- BMG FC

Under 13’s
William Seach (27 Votes)- Pambula FC
Jonathan Harkins-McMahon (24 Votes)- Bermagui FC
Tom O’Meara (18 Votes)- Bermagui FC
Noah Overend (9 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Billy Cooke (9 Votes)- Pambula FC
Khama Geisler (8 Votes)- Bega FC
Will Kellar (8 Votes)- Pambula FC
Damon Kerr (8 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Kurtis Carlson (7 Votes)- Narooma FC
Bill Spackman (7 Votes)- Merimbula FC

Under 11’s
Beau Bennett (32 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Tasman Simons (29 Votes)- BMG FC
Lachlan Moresi (26 Votes)- Bermagui FC
Anthony Seach (18 Votes)- Pambula FC
Nate Woods (17 Votes)- Pambula FC
Jemma Pollock (16 Votes)- Eden FC
Walter Blewitt (16 Votes)- Merimbula FC
Jai Grant (15 Votes)- Eden FC
Jarra Weston (14 Votes)- Narooma FC
Logan Allison (13 Votes)- Narooma FC

For full vote count and tally see the below links.
Under 11’s
Under 13’s
Under 16’s