Adams, Roger
Roger is a 300 game veteran of Narooma Lions. After completing his playing career Roger was also a members of the Sapphire Coast AFL Umpires Association to the conclusion of the 2015 season.

Boulton, Dave
Dave has been with the Sapphire Coast AFL Umpires Association for a number of years whilst serving as president and umpire coach over his time in the league. Dave is still active within the league as a field and goal umpire.

Brain, Bob
Local Merimbula building identity – Merimbula Diggers affiliation.

Brown, Geoff
Former Pambula FC committee member.

Burhop, Ian
Long term Tathra Sea Eagles supporter. He and his wife Dorothy are still key contributors within the Tathra Football Club.

Byrne, Simon
Simon has been an integral part of the Merimbula Diggers Football Club having held a number of positions within the club as well a club president. Simon still remains active within the league whilst also being the Sapphire Coast AFL’s auditor with Kothes Accounting.

Dawson, Brian
Local Merimbula identity – Merimbula Marlins affiliation.

Day, Bruce
Bruce Day was instrumental in the establishment of the Narooma Lions FC. Day was the inaugural coach of the club’s senior side and was the inaugural league best and fairest for the league in 1984. Day has held numerous positions within the Narooma committee over the years and remains active with the club still today with grandchildren playing their junior football with the club.

Everett, Geoff (deceased)

Geoff was instrumental in getting Narooma FC formed and was involved for many years as a League Delegate. He was made a life member posthumously in 1998.

Harding, Rick

Hunt, Frank

Kirkby, Paul

Paul has spent a number of years on the Eden Whalers committee whilst also being a veteran Whalers player. Paul has played 400+ games for the Eden Whalers FC.

Little, David

Little, Robert
Tathra Sea Eagles stalwart. Robert or Frog as he is known within the Sapphire Coast AFL is still actively involved within the Tathra Sea Eagles and a great source of knowledge for the club.

Nelson, Ray
Ray has been ever present for the Pambula Panthers FC having coached he Panthers to the 1984 premiership to holding numerous positions within the club including president. Ray was also a stalwart of the Sapphire Coast AFL representative program having played and coached in a number of fixtures in the 80’s-90’s. Ray is still involved with the Panbula FC.

Pinne, Norm
A Former Chairman of the Board, Football Operations Manager and Merimbula Marlins member, Norm Pinne is a deserving Life Member of Sapphire Coast AFL. Norm remains active within the league as a goal umpire.

Pope, Robert
Robert has had a huge impact on the Sapphire Coast AFL as a past president of the Tathra FC and the Sapphire Coast AFL.

Revington, Michael
Michael is a 300 plus game Pambula Panther veteran who is still actively involved within the club.

Sampson, Graham
Graham Sampson or Sambo has been a stalwart of the Sapphire Coast AFL for many years, both with the Diggers FC and the League Juniors.

Simpson, Alan
Staunch Digger.

Wollaston, Greg
Greg has been an ever present part of the Sapphire Coast AFL over its existence having been heavily involved with the league at a league and club level. Greg has held roles with the Merimbula Diggers FC while also sitting on the Sapphire Coast AFL board as president and is currently a goal umpire with the Sapphire Coast AFL Umpires Association.

Woodman, Ken
Founding member of League.