Community Football Update – Friday 20th August

Good Afternoon all,

I thought it timely to provide an update in regard to the AFL Sapphire Coast Competition. Obviously, the situation we find ourselves in is one that we have not faced before, and everyone at the AFL would like to thank you all for your understanding as we navigate our way through this to find a suitable, and safe outcome for our competition.

The NSW Government announced yesterday an extension of the stay at home orders for Regional NSW, this unfortunately, does not allow the AFL Sapphire Coast competition to resume as scheduled.

During this time of uncertainty, the AFL Sapphire Coast Competition Management Committee are working tirelessly to provide every opportunity to continue the season and support the participation of our game across all grades in a safe and responsible manner. When the Public Health Order permits us, the league’s advice is for clubs to plan to play, and we will alter this when health advice requires us to do so.


Moving Forward:

Throughout the 2021 AFL Sapphire Coast finals series, the league will follow the health advice and the Public Health Order in its entirety. If the health advice deems community sport unfit to resume, then we will continue to postpone the competition. This season has been a challenging one for our players, club administrators and volunteers. The league hope that by finishing this season we are able to celebrate and recognise our people’s efforts.

The league will not act ahead of the health advice and make determinations on an upcoming round based on community speculation.

We will continue to be optimistic, and strive to play matches where it is safe to do so.

The league has a meeting scheduled with Club Delegates later today, in which they will provide clubs with all available scenarios and gather feedback from the clubs.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe, and supports each other during this difficult time. Whilst we await the resumption of the season, there are two things players can do:

  1. Remember that the lack of social connection created by lockdown can pose a challenge to some people’s wellbeing, so start a conversation with team mates and make sure they’re OK. For information on how to have this conversation, click here.
  2. Be physically ready to get back into playing as soon as the lockdown lifts. Advice from experts in AFL strength and conditioning recommend running three times per week (allowed under the lockdown). This includes directional changes and speed variations, and kicking a footy several times per week.
 Stay Safe,
Mitch Wallis
Competition & Development Coordinator – AFL